Fast, Drug-Free Back Pain Relief with the Press of a Button


 Take Control of Your Life

Neubac Is The First Wireless Remote Controlled Pain Relief Device Utilizing TENS Technology To Specifically Treat Back Pain.
If you have back pain and are looking for a drug free alternative to help you make it through the day, then Neubac may be right for you!


Neubac is the wearable solution for your back pain!

The World's First Complete Wireless Solution for Your Back Pain 

NO more bulky back belts or pads
NO more wires to hide or get in your way
NO more smelly ointments or gels
NO more searching for controls on cumbersome devices

FDA Cleared Class II Medical Device for Over-The-Counter Use

 Neubac provides professional back pain relief without a prescription required
 NO more prescriptions or costly doctor visits required for your back pain

Advanced Technology and Design

 Neubac incorporates advanced electronics into its minimal design, maximising energy effeciency and providing over 150 30-minute treatment sessions per battery.
 Advanced sleek design allows Neubac to contour perfectly over the surface of the back for 
a perfect fit on virtually anyone.            

Comfort and Convenience

 The thin, lightweight and flexible design makes Neubac almost undetectable under clothing and is so comfortable you may forget you are even wearing it! The wireless remote controls both the intensity level and power with just three simple buttons.